Goody Gals

10 Traits of a Goody Gal


Wondering what a Goody Gal is? Goody Gals are a rare breed of women who share the following 10 qualities. How do you stack up?

  1. She’s health conscious and tries eat foods that fuel her body and life.
  2. She works out in whatever way makes her feel good. And that’s the way it should be.
  3. She cares about her girls and will drop everything to get a fellow gal pal through a tough time. #Squadgoals
  4. She’s passionate about her family, job, life, craft or whatever fuels her.
  5. She strives for greatness. I mean, everybody has lazy days but for the most part she’s a hustler.
  6. She cares about beauty but it does not define her.
  7. She enjoys life’s little indulgences without feeling guilty about it because #yolo!
  8. She’s not afraid to explore and try new things. Adventurous is her middle name.
  9. She’s not afraid to admit that things can get hard and that sometimes…#thestruggleisreal.
  10. She grabs life by the goodies!

So, are you a Goody Gal?


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