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Tacos for Breakfast? Yes, Please!

Hola Chicas! Today is the day that we feast on tacos!! When this weekly funfest comes along we like to celebrate full out, because who doesn’t love a good taco or ten? You can go so many directions with these pockets of yumminess. You can try authentic Mexican, streetstyle, vegetarian…the possibilities are endless.

Here are our top 3 recipes to get you into the breakfast taco or as we like to call it, Braco game.

Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Taco (Braco)

Chorizo…need we say more? Who doesn’t love the spicy pick me up that chorizo gives to any dish. This breakfast taco will definitely kickstart your morning.


Photo credit: RecipeTin Eats

Crispy Potatoes and Fried Egg Taco (Braco)

Crispy potatoes deserve a post all to themselves because potatoes are life…at least they are in my book. Throw a fried egg on that, over easy and you have yourself a foodgasm! This breakfast taco has both potatoes and fried eggs with the addition of the all mighty chorizo. Can you say Yummy?!


Photo credit:

Viva La Vegetarian!

Ok, although we love our chorizo, we also understand that many people do not. We can’t forget about our vivacious vegetarians. This vegetarian braco will knock your socks off, even the meat eaters are loving this fiesta on a plate!


Photo credit: Cookie and Kate

Which braco will you start your day with?


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