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3 Tips to Feeling More Confident

Happy Tuesday Goody Gals,

It’s a beautiful day and I just wanted to come and share some happiness with you. On days when it’s nice outside and you wake up feeling like the happiest girl in the world, confidence is not usually an issue. It’s the gray days that you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, mad at the world that confidence can elude you. Here are a few tips to help you carry that “sunny day confidence” forward, even on the grayest of days.

Tip 1: Wake Up Again


There’s nothing wrong with a re-do. Yes, even as adults we need these sometimes. It only takes 5 minutes to lay back down, rest a moment then get up slowly and do some in-bed yoga stretches to put you in a better mood to take on the day.

Tip 2: Get Ugly


You know when you work out so hard and happen to catch yourself in the mirror making that ugly face? That’s a good thing. Put in work ladies! When you’re getting your sweat on don’t be concerned with how you look, who cares? The goal is to work your ass off so that you feel accomplished which in turn leads to confidence.

Tip 3: Slay Girl, Slay!


Clothes don’t make the woman but they sure do help the woman to feel more confident. The right outfit can set the tone for how you see yourself. You should be feelin’ yourself every day because honestly, you are awesome. Don’t shy away from that.

How do you boost your confidence on those days when it’s a bit lacking?

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Shout Out to Your Squad!

Happy Monday Goody Gals! As I was getting ready for work and going through my routine this morning I realized one thing…well, I realized many things but the one that applies here is that a support group is crucial to success toward your goals. Can you achieve greatness without one? Well, yeah…but the journey is so much better with one. You know the ones I’m talking about. Your girls, your squad, your fitches, fellow Goody Gals that believe in you and your goals and only want to see you succeed.


They push you toward greatness when you start to lose sight. They indulge with you when you have an indulgent day but then kick your ass right back into gear the following day. There are no regrets with this group, they are your Fit Fam and life wouldn’t be the same without them.


So, shout out to your girls on this fine Monday morning. Let them know how much you appreciate them!

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Proud Vs. Pretty

pexels-photo-136410Lately, I’ve been stuck on one thought; it’s played over and over as I’ve had more people ask me why I am so passionate about fitness – why did I start Kallea Fitness, what’s the vision and the goal? After having several conversations with curious people, I thought I’d finally share my heart for Kallea […]

via Mirror Mentality: Proud vs. Pretty —

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Workout Wednesday featuring Aventura

Happy Hump Day friends!! Aventura is a brand I featured here with this super comfortable dress. Today I am showcasing their athleisure wear. Aventura makes clothing for the active women that wants to move from her morning gym class straight to the grocery store or coffee with friends. Ummmm, that has my name and A […]

via Workout Wednesday with Aventura — Tiffani at Breton Bay

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Are You Blushing?

Hey girl,  hey! Did you know that the color blush is on the rise? Yeah,  blush is the new neutral. Unlike hot and bubble gum pinks, blush can adapt to your mood. 

The color can complete a romantic, effortless look when worn in flowy, billowing materials.

But don’t discount it if your going for a professional,  yet feminine vibe.  The color blush is a chameleon color. It says, yes, I embrace both my powerful and soft sides.

How are you using the color blush this spring?