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Indulge with a Chocolate Face Mask

Happy Easter for those girls who celebrate. For those who don’t, happy Sunday to you. This time of year you’ll notice an abundance of chocolate lying around and you’ll want to indulge. Don’t feel guilty, indulge gurl! Just indulge your skin instead of your appetite!


Chocolate can be great for the skin. Depending on what you’re going for, be it hydration, toning, rejuvenation or regeneration there’s a mask for you. All of these masks can be made at home and on a budget.

Check out these four homemade masks that you can make at home today!


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Happy International Women’s Day!

breast cancer societyHappy International Women’s Day gals! Be bold and stand for something on this day. At Goody Gal we believe in and stand for women’s advancement and overall equality. After all we are #Bossbabes! We are strong, powerful, take-charge women who cheer on other women and believe that us gals can do it all.

What do you stand for?